The goal behind most of the artwork I create is to capture the beauty, uniqueness and character of the individual. I do this through a painting process that is both creative and analytical.  To get a true likeness, my drawing needs to be accurate, although a photo-realistic rendering is not my goal.  I work toward creating a piece that can be enjoyed for its artistic merit as well as being an accurate representation of the person.  Just like some of the great artists who inspire me, I am trying to take realism and improve upon it: make it more visually appealing. Sometimes this is done with the interplay between elements; simple vs. complex, hard and soft edges, warm and cool colors, and bold against soft brushwork. I also look for distinguishing mannerisms, looks, or gestures that give me clues into how to portray the person’s  inner personality; something that will connect the subject to the viewer and say “this is who I am”.

I have primarily worked in oil and colored pencil, although I also like to combine colored pencil with watercolor, pastel and gouache. My oils are painterly, in that one can see the brushwork and application of paint. This is my favorite medium for several reasons including the immediacy of the paint, the ability to mix brilliant color and the fact that I can contrast areas of thin and thick paint. When working with colored pencils, I approach the work in quite a different manner. Colored pencils allow me to achieve incredible detail and very smooth transitions in color and value. I have found this to be a great medium when I want to portray the delicate qualities of young supple skin. When I combine colored pencils with other mediums, I can contrast elements like the softness and detail of the colored pencil against textured or simple abstract backgrounds in either watercolor or pastel.

For approximately the last 15 years, I have divided my time between motherhood, painting and teaching; all of which have brought me challenges as well as great joy and satisfaction. Before this, I worked as a medical illustrator for a large teaching and research hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. Having recently relocated to the Greenville, South Carolina area, I am enjoying the warmer weather, wonderful southern hospitality and looking forward to discovering what lies ahead.


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