Photo Diary of Progress – Ethan


Sorry about the color changes in the photos. It’s due to the different lighting conditions when I took the shots. During the painting of this piece, I changed the lighting in my studio and the last photo was taken in outside light. I tried to adjust the colors in photoshop with limited success.


Charcoal Sketch of Ethan


This is the initial sketch of Ethan done on my canvas with charcoal and ebony pencil. It is a rough drawing done as an understudy for the painting. I am the kind of painter that is constantly correcting drawing mistakes as I go. I would love to get it right from the very beginning, but this doesn’t usually happen. What I am looking to do at this stage is work out the placement of the figure, create a fairly accurate drawing, and establish the value pattern.

My Next Subject – Ethan

Ethanphoto1 Ethanphoto3 Ethanphoto2

The first thing I noticed when I met Ethan was his confidence. He is obviously a very physically fit guy and takes pride in his athletic abilities and physique. What I didn’t know until later was he is also very friendly, captain of his track team and loves to goof around and laugh with his team mates and friends. Despite his cheerful and carefree nature, he takes his leadership role as track captain and athlete very seriously. I attended many a practice observing him in his element and saw a hard working competitor and a supportive and encouraging team member. It is all of these things that I wish to capture in my portrait of him.