Seeking Teens for My Project

Do you know a teen that would be interested in being part of my project “A Portrait of American Teens”?

I am looking for teen subjects that would bring diversity to the group of paintings. Diversity in many forms: could be ethnicity, family structure, personality, interests and goals. If you have a teen in mind, let me explain the process. I have subjects fill out a questionnaire and provide me with a candid photo of themselves. If I decide that they are a good fit for the group, meaning that they capture something different from what I already have, we would meet to get to know one another. If the process goes further, I would arrange for a photo shoot. As I get to know the teen, I will be formulating ideas about how to focus on what it is about them that I want to present to the viewer of the painting. I normally paint the portrait from the reference photos, although in some circumstances, if the teen is available, I may ask them to sit for me in order to make some prepatory sketches.

There is no monetary compensation for their time,  although I can provide the teen with a cd of the images from their photo shoot. The finished painting, photos and any sketches made belong to me as well as rights to reproduction.  I will not photograph or paint any portrait that is pornographic or defamatory in nature and parents and or guardians are welcome during any or all of this process.

If you or a teen you know a teen who might be interested, please contact me through the contact page of this blog.


One comment

  1. How about pre-teens?!!! 🙂

    Sounds like you’re doing great with your paintings. I LOVED the one of Meg recently. That was amazing and it was fun to see from beginning to the finish product it was.

    Looking forward to seeing you in June!


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