My Final Pick

Meg7     Meg4

These two are my favorite, although I chose to use the photo on the left because I thought the photo on the right might look a little too contrived. I do love the composition and the value changes on the right. Both photos captured the feeling I was after with that furtive sideways glance. It was a hard choice.

With the photo I chose, I was most intrigued by her body language. The fact that her body is not facing the viewer says, “I’m not totally comfortable with my surroundings. I need to be cautious”. With her looking over her shoulder, it is almost like she is checking things out to see who else is watching.

Especially since Megan is my daughter, she was very comfortable expressing her dissatisfaction with how the photo shoots were going and one of the challenges I had was keeping her engaged. She had a tendency to look a bored in some of the photos, although I don’t think that was the case with the ones here. It can be difficult to get that perfect shot – right lighting, pose, facial expression and getting that shot usually takes time and patience on both my part and my subject. Overall she did a great job!


  1. Are you going to paint the one one the left then? How does the background play into the painting or will you change that when it comes time to paint? Or are you just focused on the portrait and the background is a non entity?

    • Yes, the one on the left. The background will come into play as it does in every painting. I will keep it similar to what you see, although there will be some changes to work out some composition issues. I don’t like how the tree trunk lines up with her body and some visual weight needs to be added to the right of the image in order to help add some balance.

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