First Teen Portrait – photo reference

I didn’t have to look too far for my first subject. Who do I know better than my own children? My first painting in the “teen series” will be my daughter Megan. Some words I would use to describe her are shy, cautious, artistic, funny, creative, musical, concerned with fashion and her appearance, and pretty. Megan also struggles with anxiety and although I don’t want the portrait to scream anxiety, I do want to allude to it. Here are a select few from reference photos I have taken of her. I like aspects of each of these. Can you guess which one I chose to use?

.Meg1 Meg6 Meg5 Megs3 Meg4 Meg7



  1. Nice work Kathy! If I were to guess, which I am doing and they are all great pics, I would say bottom row, second from left is the one picture you picked of Meg.

  2. Very well written Kathy! I hope you succeed in your quest for the American Teenager! ( Let me know if you need some crazy subjects :-)) I don’t have any doubt that you will, and can’t wait to see this series! You’ve always been very talented and Mr. Cintron would be proud! Good luck with everything!


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